Batman Alley

While exploring the galleries and hip boutiques that line the streets in the charming Sao Paulo neighborhood of Vila Madalena, we unwittingly stumbled upon the famed Batman Alley. Known for it’s street art and graffiti, and allegedly taking its name from an iconic comic-themed piece that was placed there in the 80’s, this place is vibrant and gritty and completely inspiring. I imagine it’s constantly evolving so I can’t wait to go back. The density and intensity of the work there was astounding.

Streets of Sao Paulo 2014 g

Streets of Sao Paulo 2014 f

Streets of Sao Paulo 2014       Streets of Sao Paulo 2014 e

Streets of Sao Paulo 2014

Streets of Sao Paulo 2014 i

Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014


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